Cursive Series Now Continues

My cursive series is about to continue.

So many schools seemed to have quit teaching cursive that I became depressed about continuing, and stopped writing the series.

Meanwhile, a number of teachers and parents have written to me asking me to continue.  Furthermore, quite a few schools now seem to be starting up with cursive teaching again, and many teachers out there need help–especially since some teachers grew up without proper cursive mastery or instruction themselves.

Therefore, I will be continuing my series starting the first week of January, 2018, and will continue until it is finished.

–Lynne Diligent

9 Responses to “Cursive Series Now Continues”

  1. Jpedrick Says:

    This is wonderful news! I found your website last year, when I was preparing to teach cursive to my own children. Even though you hadn’t yet finished, what I you had written was enormously helpful!!! I am so glad you have decided to finish your course – it is greatly needed, and yours was the best info and instruction I’ve read on the subject of cursive handwriting. I will definitely be following your blog, and recommending it to other homeschooling moms/teachers! Thank you!

  2. Kris Says:

    Good news! and thanks

  3. sandford johnson Says:

    Glad you’re back at it Lynne.  Children need to develop the fine motor skills involved in cursive writing to be adults who can sew, create art, play musical instruments and diaper babies. Besides it’s good for the brain.  At 89 and 88, Sandy and I are still healthy and happy in Indiana. We go to chair yoga twice a week and live in the country on 28 acres surrounded by virgin woods.  I have a small garden and had chickens for several years until the varmints picked them off one by one.  Sandy’s kids come twice a year and last summer we had a reunion of the Donovan children and grandchildren and their mates at the farm. I fly to Denver once or twice a year and we go to Florida fall and winter to a small place we have there that is 11 miles from Nora’s home in Tampa. We go to Atlanta for Christmas each year where most of Sandy’s offspring live, including three Great Grandchildren. How are you doing these days? I know you’ve had some health issues and hope they’ve abated. 

    Great hearing from you, Priscilla Johnson

  4. hollyrb Says:

    Lynne, I contacted you a while ago when I found the first of your cursive series but discovered that you hadn’t finished. Imagine my delight to see that you have picked it back up! Thank you!
    I am in the process of designing a handwriting program for our small private school. I will definitely refer my teachers to your blog.
    I’ll be in touch. Blessings! Holly

  5. Karampa English Says:

    Is the series still going to be finished? Amazing stuff!

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