Cyberbaiting of Teachers, A New and Dangerous Trend

Well-behaved middle school students

A well-behaved middle-school student I tutor expressed her frustration to me with some of her formerly well-behaved classmates who now talk back to teachers and act up in the classroom.

When my student asked these friends why they now behave this way, they say it’s all about fitting in and being accepted by the “cool” group.

Anyone not accepted by this group is a target for their bullying.  My student has a mature attitude and refuses to behave this way; as a consequence, she has to stand up to various forms of insults and bullying constantly.

At one point, our school debated putting in cameras to film student behavior in every corridor and classroom, and then decided not to.

It may have been both about cost, and about invasion of privacy, as well as our school being a high-level college prep school in a Middle Eastern country.

However, lack of cameras is no longer a protection for privacy for anyone, as every student is now capable of filming anything and everything and posting it anonymously and publicly on-line.  As this article explains, many students are now purposely provoking a teacher to the breaking point with the advance intention of filming it and posting it on-line.  This form of bullying is both demeaning to teachers, and can cost many teachers their jobs.

All teachers need to remember that now, the eyes of the world are watching every second.  This applies not just to teachers, but to everyone.  Teachers, however, are more vulnerable because students with evil intentions are purposely setting out to put them in a compromised situation.

–Lynne Diligent

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5 Responses to “Cyberbaiting of Teachers, A New and Dangerous Trend”

  1. Lynne Diligent Says:

    Comment from Facebook:

    A.S. “That’s awful and unfair!”

  2. Lynne Diligent Says:

    Comment from Facebook:

    Jim Taggart: “This is a longstanding issue in North America, with the bullying of teachers being more common. Indeed, the bullying issue by peers has been all over the news as the result of teen suicides. Cyber space has brought with it a very dark side.”

  3. intlxpatr Says:

    Wow. Disrespectful students, callous disregard for respecting others, bullying . . . it makes the classroom of today sound like a nightmare. When the mob rules, it is hard for the normal kid to survive. And to be a teacher is truly heroic.

  4. Lynne Diligent Says:

    Intlxpatr, one reason non-Western students used to be more respectful in class was that if you didn’t perform, you were asked to leave school. This mostly left the better, more capable students in the classroom. Now, even third-world countries are trying to keep as many students in school as possible, so these problems are cropping up around-the-world. Advanced technology now in the hands of every student exacerbates these problems, and takes it all to a new level.

  5. missrizwana Says:

    all these so called advanced gadgets in the hands of students …..without any check will lead to such consequences. we elders are to be blamed for that. being a teacher myself …i was feeling helpless…

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