How Teachers Should Respond to Being Bullied By Students

Earlier this week I read a question on an education blog asking what aspect of your teacher training was most overlooked.  In my case, I’d say it was any instruction on dealing with classroom discipline issues.  I did get some of that from my student teaching, as my supervising teacher was a master teacher with 30 years of teaching under her belt.  But an actual class in classroom discipline techniques is sadly lacking in education schools.  I’ve never even heard of such a class being offered.

I laughed aloud watching this great video demonstration for teachers.  The first role-play demonstrates how things might typically go in a high-school classroom with a teacher being cursed-out by a student.  It does not end successfully for either the teacher or the student.  The second role-play shows an entirely different approach taken by the teacher, in reaction to the students’ behavior.  It ends successfully for both the teacher and student.

I only wish I had had this type of instruction when I was in ed school.

–Lynne Diligent


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One Response to “How Teachers Should Respond to Being Bullied By Students”

  1. Mint Says:

    Somewhat unrealistic. The other students are not likely to sit quietly. More than likely, there will be others who will chime in the conservation while others may curse the teacher. Some will laugh , engage in other inappropriate conservation, while some will find it amusing. Not sure if the kid would quiet down. Likely, to walk out; showing more disrespect. Many educators have been cursed out for far less. A kid bold enough to become so verbal abusive, is likely to have a long list of disciplinary problems. Nice try!

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