Are Gweneth Paltrow’s Herculean Requirements for a Children’s Tutor Reasonable?

Gweneth Paltrow in London

According to American Resident’s blog, here are Gweneth Paltrow’s Herculean requirements for a tutor for her two children, aged 6 and 8:

“The ideal candidate will have received a classical education, including Latin and Greek, and be familiar with such elements as the history of thought from a philosophical perspective. He or she should also be musically fluent and play at least one instrument well. In addition, language skills are essential and the Tutor should have fluent French and at least one other of Spanish, Italian, Mandarin or Japanese. The Tutor will also need to be fit and healthy, enjoy many sports and pastimes both indoors and out, including painting, art, or art history and drama, as well as sports such as chess, tennis, fencing or a martial art.” ….. when the tutor collects the boy from school, they might stop by an art gallery on the way home!

I think I’m a fantastic tutor, going WAY above the call of duty for all of my students.  However, just READING the above made me tired!  It reminded me of being in a school where the teacher is expected to be everything to everybody, and thus able to do NOTHING as well as he or she should.  Such a tutor would be worth £100,000 a year, in my opinion, to have mastered all of these areas, as well as have the energy to keep up with all of these requirements.  I don’t they would last longer than six months in the position, even then.

It would make a lot more sense to have one tutor who is fluent in several languages, art, and perhaps some classics who could pick up the children daily and spend a specified number of hours with the children.  There should be a second tutor who would be able to do sports, games, and perhaps some history/philosophy and music.

How does she think one person would be able to master all of these areas, and yet be prepared to be a tutor in only one private home?  Such a tutor would be more accomplished than the presidents of many nations or multinational coroporations.

What do others think?

–Lynne Diligent



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4 Responses to “Are Gweneth Paltrow’s Herculean Requirements for a Children’s Tutor Reasonable?”

  1. Pascale SZTUM Says:

    Her requirements are just non sense…! Maybe she can ask the Japanese to develop a robot with the expected requirements!

  2. Michelloui | The American Resident Says:

    Pleased that I inspired you! It does seem really REALLY crazy–how can one person have enough time, energy and finances to master so many disciplines? To be fair, the salary is £62,000 and there’s a lot of other benefits… but you’re the expert here–is all of that enough?

    You can see the original ad here:

  3. Crimson Wife Says:

    I agree. Hire a multilingual tutor for the academics and then bring in specialized instructors for music, art, and athletics.

  4. Rpb Says:

    I think she is describing the perfect tutor, no doubt about it. The problem with her criteria is that anyone so well-rounded and proficient could be earning many times that salary in private industry (and doing much more social good in the process).

    –Thanks, that is my exact point!–Lynne

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