Middle Eastern Teenagers React to the British Royal Wedding

British Royal Wedding

Kate and William at the Altar

I watched the wedding at home this morning with a Middle Eastern teenager I’m homeschooling for a term.

The Royal Wedding Recession On the Red-Carpeted Aisle of Westminster Abbey

His reaction was, “Wow, it’s so serious.  We have a lot of fun at Middle Eastern weddings!”

Prince William and Kate Middleton pledging their wedding vows

I told him that the wedding part was equivalent to the “signing of the act” in the Middle Eastern ceremony, and that there is a party afterward called a reception, which is usually held at another location.

Interior of Decorated Westminster Abbey during the Royal Wedding

My student enjoyed seeing the beautiful construction of the church, and really enjoyed seeing the cars and carriages the royals arrived and left in.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in the Royal Carriage

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip ride in Royal Carriage leaving the Royal Wedding

During the ceremony, my student asked, “Don’t they say, ‘Now you may kiss the bride?’ ”  I didn’t have an answer for him right then as to why this had been left out.  Later I found out they had saved it for later on the balcony of the Palace, in front of all the people.  I was able to call my student on the telephone just in time, and he turned his home TV.

William and Kate sharing their first public kiss on the Buckingham Palace Balcony

Some Middle Eastern teenage girls I talked to were extremely surprised at the fact that British people in general would be so interested in the marriage of a prince.  The British children and teenagers at school were extremely excited about the royal wedding, and some of them even jumped up and down.  A few Middle Eastern students watched some of the wedding at school with some of the British students.

Two million people packed the streets of London to catch a glimpse of Prince William and Kate as they went by.

Teenagers I know told me that in their own country, no one would camp out in the streets overnight, much less for days, to catch a glimpse of a prince, or spend their time “waiting” to see royalty.  They said they just couldn’t believe how popular the British royalty is.

Prince William is as popular as a rock star

When I asked why not, I was told that it’s a way of thinking, that waiting for someone means that you debase yourself and elevate someone else as more important by waiting for them.  When I explained that the British princes are as popular as rock stars, the teenage girls replied that in the Middle East, no one would camp out waiting for rock stars, either!

–Lynne Diligent

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  1. Robin Hicks Says:

    Really good post – so many are rubbish and self serving. Most interesting and thanks for sharing it

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